Your Thoughts Become Things…. Where are your thoughts these days about your life? about your business? about your self? Are you Thinking Big, Bold, Empowered, Positive thoughts? Or, are you stuck in a pattern of Thinking Small, Negative, Why-Is-It-All-So-Hard thoughts?

Is this you?

  • Are you ready to think big and take action in your life, business, or self?
  • Are you ready to think about who you really want to BE and want to take steps to BE that person?
  • Are you a small business owner needing a little inspiration and a lot of practical tools and tips on marketing & growing your business?
  • Do you have a dream or goal about your life or business you want to pursue, but haven’t started yet. Or, have started, but got stuck somewhere?
  • Perhaps you are someone who needs to create some clarity around those goals and, then, need some practical tools and tips on how to create and manifest them?

I am a retired accountant and auditor who gives back by volunteering as a Business Mentor and by providing inspirational and practical talks to small business owners …

  • I provide motivational talks and workshops to groups of small business owners, women’s networks, and others who want a little bit of inspiration and lots of very practical how-to advice on marketing, growing your business, stepping up your life, boosting your confidence, and empowering yourself
  • I write inspirational and practical how-to articles, newsletters, and blog posts on these same topics. I am a regular contributor to One Smile Magazine. Check them out here.
  • I volunteer as a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand to help local small business owners who need mentoring on marketing, income growth, and general support

These are the benefits my mentoring, coaching, and workshops provide…

  • create a space where you can work ON your life, business, & self
  • help you clarify your vision, your strategy, your right actions
  • show you HOW to think big about your life, business, & self
  • help you feel empowered, inspired, energized