The Something Wonderful Perspective

The Universe is sending you opportunities all the time – choices, options, ideas, inspiration, energy, thoughts, intuitions. Yet, they often seem to show up when you don’t think you are ready for them. Are you taking advantage of these? Do you see them as opportunities? Do you see them as choices? Do you see them as messages from the universe to make a change in your life? A change in direction? A step up? A better way? A step towards something you desire? A sign to take action towards living a better life?

Ready for a radical, yet inspirational, way to look at these things?

Embrace a new belief that … I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.

W. Clement Stone, a multimillionaire, is famous for being an inverse paranoid. What is an inverse paranoid? This is someone who believes that the universe is conspiring to do him good. Yes, good. An inverse paranoid sees every situation as being heaven sent either to confer some benefit, or teach some valuable lesson to help make him successful, or show him how to take action, or create an opportunity to make a change. This form of inverse paranoia can be the foundation of a positive mental attitude.

What if the universe was sending you wonderful opportunities to move closer to the things you desire? The things you dream about? The things you want to change in your life?

Start your day, every day, with the affirmation and thought that …. I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today!

Wow, how fun and playful is that? You might have thought this sounded ridiculous, but… what if you had fun expecting something wonderful to happen to you today? Are you smiling already?

Imagine that the universe is sending you signs, messages, inspiration, energy, empowerment every day. Look for them. Make it fun. Look at the little things. Look for the opportunities.

Where do you look for these things?
An idea, word, image that pops in to your head
a conversation
an article that interests you
a phrase that sticks with you from a conversation, book, or article
a chance meeting with someone
a phone call
an email
a show, movie, or TV program that resonates with you
road signs
serendipity of any kind

How do you recognize these things? They
give you a shot of energy
give you a great idea
make you feel good, joyful
make you smile
make you laugh
make you hopeful
give you inspiration
make you feel empowered
make you feel playful
make you think “what if I could….”
make you think of an item on your life bucket list
make you want to take action
show you the beauty in something
take your breath away
make you want to change something in your life
show you another choice, an additional choice, a better choice

Then, what to do with this opportunity? How to take advantage of it?
recognize it as an opportunity, a choice, a gift
reflect on it
trust it came from your intuition
take action on it in some way – make a note, make a list, do some research, make a decision, share it with someone, commit to something, make a small (or big) change

Welcome the opportunities. Welcome the choices. Look for them. And, if you take action one step at a time, you can move towards a life you love. A life that inspires you. Your intuition is never wrong.

Hmmm, I think something wonderful is going to happen to me today.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you.

Growing Old Gorgeously…A Call to Action

Many of us have experienced one or more triggers in our life to remind us we are growing older…perhaps a particular birthday year, a health crisis, the loss of a loved one, an milestone in our child’s life, an empty nest, a divorce, the quest for a new job, some other change in your life circumstances that made you pause and think “Hmmm, where have the years gone? I’m getting older! Yikes!”

What if? What if you could decide how to grow older? What if…rather than growing old gracefully or growing old with diminishing health or growing old miserably you could choose another way? What if you could embrace this part of life with an amazing upbeat attitude? Well, we can do that. It is simply a shift in perspective. A choice to look at this thing called Life with a different attitude. So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m throwing out a challenge. A challenge to change your perspective. A challenge to decide to…

Grow old gorgeously

Sounds pretty cool, huh? So, what does this perspective look like? How do we do this?

Who We Are:

  • Older. We are a group of women and men who have experienced some trigger in our life to make us feel older, 40+ years or older
  • The Call. We feel the call, the desire, the challenge to grow old gorgeously, healthy, strong, energized, empowered.
  • Mindset. Our gorgeousness is a state of mind, a feeling, an attitude, a behavior, a way to be.
    Accept Responsibility. We accept responsibility for our health, our happiness, our lives, our future, our choices, our decisions, our actions.
  • Health. We are in to our physical, mental and spiritual health, fitness, exercise, diet, and well being. We strive to thrive and feel energized.
  • Pleasing ourselves. We choose to please our selves whenever possible. We have pleased others for much of our lives and are now choosing to be/do/have things that please us.
  • Role Models. We are role models for each other and “pay forward” by helping other women and men grow old gorgeously, too.
  • Growth. We understand that growth is required to stay young. We love to grow and are always seeking ways to learn, to grow, to thrive.
  • The Future we are Building Together (Our Mission): To Grow Old Gorgeously

  • Gorgeous healthy bodies.
  • Gorgeous mental health, happiness, delight with our selves, our lives, our relationships.
  • Gorgeous spiritual health, balance, growth.
  • Our Values. We know and live our values.
  • We strive to thrive and feel energized.
  • How we do this (Our Tools):

  • Community. We are a community of like minded women and men who want to feel gorgeous, think gorgeous, be gorgeous, act gorgeous, live gorgeous, love gorgeous.
  • Our Manifesto. This call to action to… Grow Old Gorgeously.
  • Communication. We communicate with each other regularly one-on-one, via the internet, and in groups. We communicate in the groups we have chosen to participate in to help us grow old gorgeously…gyms, yoga studios, parks, classrooms, spiritual places, clubs, coffee shops, etc.
  • Courage. We have tons of courage. We accept responsibility for making our own future gorgeous.
  • Role models. We act as role models for each other in how to grow old gorgeously. How to be, do, and have gorgeousness.
  • Exercise. We exercise regularly…there is no one right exercise for all of us, the right exercise is the one we love to do. Exercise is a key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Diet. We are conscious and aware of our diet. We understand that food is our medicine and is a key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. There is no one right diet for all of us, the right diet is the one that makes us feel good, energized, healthy.
  • Inspiration. We love to share inspirational stories, anecdotes, successes, pictures with each other on how to grow old gorgeously.
  • Support. We support each other with practical advice, tips, insights, and wisdom on growing old gorgeously.
  • Celebrate. We celebrate our gorgeousness, our health, our happiness, our growth, our independence, our strength, our courage, our wisdom.
  • How does that sound? Ready to give it a try? I’ve started and am finding it amazing how I’ve attracted many others in to my life who are feeling this same call to action. When we surround ourselves with like minded people, our goals and efforts become much easier, much more fun, much bigger.

    Try it and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you….

    Lessons from a Challenging Exercise Program

    Thursday April 17th

    Today was my last Workout at CrossFit Oahu. I am moving back to New Zealand tomorrow. Thank you to my CFO coaches and my CFO 9AMers for not just making TODAY special, but for making EVERY workout day special, fun, and filled with awe and wonder.

    I love to be reflective at big transitions in my life and here are some key thoughts I have after 1 ½ years at CFO…

    Growing old gorgeously. I turned 50 1 ½ years ago and decided I was going to grow old gorgeously. I chose CrossFit as one of my vehicles to do so. To me this means growing old with vibrant health, energy, fitness, strength, wisdom. I am amazed at how much I’ve progressed in each of these areas. And not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, too. Gorgeousness is a state of mind and CF has really helped me feel this, believe this, and see this as a choice that we can all make. I love this.

    There is great satisfaction in doing tough things. It takes a lot of courage to just show up and do the work. But, it also takes commitment, persistence, confidence, strength, endurance, toughness. Day after day. What great abilities to develop, huh? We show up to each workout as mere mortals wondering if we can do the really hard, tough thing written on the white board and we all finish at the end of an hour feeling like Rock Stars…even if we modified, substituted, scaled. I am always filled with awe and wonder that I could do the WOD, that I could get through it, that I could finish. And so this feeling and ability has flowed in to every other area of my life….I can more easily step out of my comfort zone. Tough things don’t seem so tough after we’ve done them. We are each amazing and can do more than we think we can.

    We inspire and motivate each other. Yes, the coaches are helping you and demonstrating awesome moves every workout, but so are the people you workout with. I am not just inspired by the people better than me, but also by the newbies, someone setting a PR, someone’s commitment to a goal, someone’s unrelenting persistence at practicing DU’s or pullups or deadlifts. We inspire and motivate with stories, encouragement, support, talking food and diet, spending time with like minded people, being with energized uplifting people, and just loving and embracing each other’s strengths and imperfections. There is magic in the community.

    If you aren’t having fun you aren’t doing it right. CF is never boring to the body or mind. Every day is different and every day is a blast. We are learning, growing, and challenging ourselves every workout to become all that we can become. Pretty cool stuff. Even when it is hard there are so many ways to look for and find the fun….learning something new, being inspired by the person next to you, working out with a friend, making a new friend, smiling, laughing at your goofs, doing a little better than last week, setting a PR, doing something healthy for yourself, feeling strong, feeling healthy, feeling worn out and worked over, and…feeling like a Rock Star! Love it.

    Thank you, CFO. Thank you, CFO community. I love a challenging exercise for my body and mind. I am growing old gorgeously one workout at a time. I love being committed to something so cool, so good for me, so energizing, so adventurous, so playful, so fun. And sharing it every day makes it even better. Cheers.

    What you Focus on Expands

    What we Focus on expands…. Hmmm, what we Focus on expands…

    If you step back and think about this, it makes a lot of sense. It is also a very empowering concept. Whatever you tend to think about, you will focus on, and create more of. You mull this same focus over and over in different ways and your attention to it increases. You have the power to choose and control your thoughts and your focus. You have the power to be very clear about what you want in this world that is overflowing with images, messages, distractions. Give power and clarity to what you want, not the distractions.

    If you dwell on the scarcity of things in your life, you focus on this, put energy into what you lack, and this continues to be your experience of life. You never have enough money, time, self worth, good health, talent, smarts, confidence, friends, love, whatever.

    If you dwell on limitless possibilities and choices in your life, believe it is available to you, you focus on this, act on these beliefs, and this will be your experience of life. You will find, attract, and create success, money, confidence, health, love, friends, and joy in your life.

    Hmmm, so, how do you shift your perspective to a positive one of prosperity, abundance, and joy? Here are some tips:

    • Clarity. This is the most important thing you can do. Truly decide what you want. Create a very clear picture, vision, mini video in your head about what you want to BE, DO, or HAVE. Find powerful words, sentences, mantras to use to give your clear vision more energy, excitement, delight in your mind and your heart. Cut out pictures that exactly represent what you want or are a symbol of what you want. Create a vision board. Write down your words. Whatever helps give you clarity and focus.
      Look at your vision every day. Consciously think about your words. Mull them over and look for ways to make them more energized, powerful. Reflect on actions you can take towards making them real.
    • Let the limits go. Limits are self imposed. They are only thoughts in your head. They aren’t real. They are thoughts. When the negative or limiting thoughts come into your mind, recognize them, and let them go. Visualize them floating away. There is unlimited space in the universe, unlimited money available to you, unlimited love we can give to one another, unlimited learning and growing you can do, unlimited fun and play we can have in our life, unlimited energy, etc.
    • Focus on what you DO want, rather than what you DON’T want. It’s habitual for many of us to dwell on the negative what-if’s and worry about things. What if I lose my money on this deal, what if I fail, what if I can’t afford it, and 100s of other thoughts that give us heartache! Shift your thinking to focus on the feelings you will have when you obtain the health, success, relationship, activity. It is okay to use your Don’t-wants to give your clarity on your Do-wants. Example: My husband and I moved to a new town and were looking for a house. We had a lot of Don’t-wants…we didn’t want 2 story, we didn’t want to live on a busy street, we didn’t want a big house. We made a list of clear do-wants…in town, one story, quiet street, 2 bedroom, private, lots of trees/greenery/birds around, affordable price of $x-$x, etc. This made it very easy to look for and spot. And we did. We ticked off every item on our list.
    • Expect to create or manifest your desire. Wishing, hoping, affirmations and prayers don’t work unless you believe that what you want is coming to you, that you deserve it, and that it is possible. Remember, a belief is simply a thought you’ve thought over and over and over. Change your beliefs with new thoughts. Expecting means you KNOW it’s going to happen, even when there is no proof. What kinds of decisions, actions and risks would you make if you KNEW/BELIEVED you would have positive results?
    • Only take actions that you are inspired to do. If you try to do all the things that you’ve read about that you are SUPPOSED to do or the things your parents/friends/relatives/society said that you SHOULD do, you’ll feel weighed down and resistant. What do you WANT to do? If it feels irresponsible to only do what you want, consider a different perspective. It is YOUR responsibility to make yourself happy. When you are in the flow of joy, everything you attract will please you.
    • Have fun creating limitless choices. We often fall in to the trap that there are only 2 or 3 choices….this or that, yes or no, black or white. Again, thoughts in your head. Focus on creating more options, possibilities, roads to follow. Make it playful, fun, even ridiculous. Follow the creativity and fun.
    • Change or let go of old thoughts. If it’s not giving you what you want, change it now. If you keep doing it the same way, you’ll always get the same results, no matter if it makes you glad or sad.
      Listen to your inner guidance and ignore that negative little voice in your head. Any time a deal, situation, or person has gone bad, you probably knew something wasn’t right. Think about it. You can look back and at some point you had a feeling (even if just for a split second) that you didn’t listen to. Listen to your gut, it will never fail you. Your intuition gives you simple and short messages. Your negative self-talk usually sounds like someone nagging or someone playing devil’s advocate. It may be the exact voice of a parent, spouse, elder in your life who was negative. Your negative voice says things like, “I don’t know how”, “That’s a stupid idea”, “My family wouldn’t like that”, “I can’t afford to do this”, or “You’ll fail”. Your gut just tells you if something feels good or bad.
    • Trust yourself. You don’t have to know all the details, how to do it, or be totally informed about the topic you are pondering or engaged in. You do have to know that you will make the perfect choices for you, in perfect timing, with the perfect people, and that you have an inner guide who will always lead you down the perfect path. Really! Trust yourself!
    • Return to Clarity. Again and again. Focus on the picture, words, vision. Think about how to BE/DO/HAVE your vision. Create energy around it. Create even more clarity. What you focus on expands….
    • If you really desire it, get very clear about it, decide you’re going to Be/Do/Have it, focus on it, you take an inspired action, you believe, it shows up. What you focus on expands. Try it and let me know how it goes….

    Rather than a Resolution, Choose a Word to Guide Your Year

    So, you have been reflecting on the past year and are thinking about this year… what went right, what went wrong, what happened to your dreams and goals. Is your life on track? Do you have a track? Need some guidance?

    Each year I encourage my clients, friends, and family to switch out of the old new year resolution process to the word of the year process. By choosing one word, you really provide yourself with focus, clarity, challenge, guidance, and inspiration. I just love this tool, and hope you do, too. It works!

    Here’s the idea….rather than making a list of new year resolutions, choose a word for the year to help guide, challenge, grow, and steer you throughout the year. This word will be used to guide you in your life, your business, your health, your relationships, and your environment.

    Your word can be very simple, straightforward, and traditional like Healthy, Prosperity, Abundance, Release, Grow, Success, Family, Love, Freedom, Inspire, Simplicity, Allow, Attract, Fun, Playful, Laugh, or Smile.

    Or, your word can be a little more different from the norm like Shine, Sparkle, Courage, Strength, Light, Ease, Gratitude, Flow, Nature, Self Confidence, Energy, Momentum, Focus, Clarity, Space, Grace, Delight, Learn, Manifest, Yes, No, Let Go, Awe, or Wonder.

    Your word may pop into your head right away, or you may need to reflect and “try out” a few words.

    Here is an example of how to use your word. My word for 2011 was Gorgeous and for 2012 was Delight. I loved these words and they both really worked for me. I would use the word like this:

    • How could I make my life more Gorgeous/Delightful today, this week, this month?
    • What do I need to do to create a really Gorgeous/Delightful business?
    • How could I create Gorgeous health today, this week?
    • What might I do to feel really Gorgeous/Delighted today?
    • How could I make this relationship feel or be more Gorgeous/Delightful?
    • How could I feel more Gorgeous/Delighted about this situation?
    • How could I better Delight my self, my customers, my loved ones?
    • How is my life really Gorgeous/Delightful right now?
    • How might I allow more Gorgeousness/Delight to flow in my life?
    • How would I feel if I created a really Gorgeous/Delightful life?!

    I use my word every day in all situations. And, my intuition popped up with my right next action. My words have been transformational and my life has been amazingly more gorgeous and delightful! Words have power and they work! Make good words work for you.

    I encourage you to keep a playful perspective so that your word

    • feels fun
    • makes you smile
    • makes you shift perspective
    • creates immediate focus for you
    • makes you feel good
    • helps you grow in a creative way

    Here is an example of how to come up with your word this year:

    • Allow a few words to come to mind over a few days
    • Write down your words
    • Allow yourself to “test them out” or “try them on” for a day or two during various activities
    • Allow your intuition to tell you your right word for 2013
    • There is no one right word for you, but the word should feel right in your heart, your gut, your head

    Have fun with your word. Let is guide you, grow you, help you create a better, more beautiful life. Try it, and let me know how it goes.