The Power of a 30 Day Trial

Okay, you’ve been Thinking Big about doing something for a long time. Maybe a really long time. But, you just haven’t started because ….

it feels scarey
you’re unsure of the unknown (well, yeah)
it requires change (and, you oh-so-don’t-want-to-have-to-change)
you might fail (what would others think, then!)
you might stumble and fall (this could be embarrassing)
you don’t know how to do it (we all start at this stage, don’t we?!)
lots of other reasons (uh, excuses)

But, this is your life… You only get one round in this body/mind/spirit. And, what if? WHAT IF you really did these incredible things on your Life List?!

And, this body/mind/spirit has some things on its list that you would really, really love to do some day, doesn’t it? It would be so, so, so cool if you could ____ (fill in the blank). Okay, so let’s just reflect for a minute on how great it would be if you could _____. Make a list of how your life would change, in a better way, if you could Be/Do/Have this desire or goal you have. Get in to it. Play with it. Create a picture of your new life with this Be/Do/Have. Make it delightful, magnificent, gorgeous, outrageous. See yourself there, in that spot. How do you look and feel? Got a smile on your face there?! I bet you do. You want to make it a positive you want to be pulled towards rather than a negative you are escaping from.

Now this idea you have to Be/Do/Have something better than you are can be very simple and small or very big. Doesn’t matter. Sometimes we need to start small and slow to give us courage. Sometimes we can tell we are just ready to do it in a big way. Or, we need the vision/picture of the big way to really get excited and ready to take this thing on! Woooohoooo! Bring it on! Bring it on BIG!

You are going to start a 30 Day Trial….

I love this tool! You can use this for anything. You commit 100% to Be/Do/Having this thing for 30 days. NO cheating or slipping, AT ALL. If you cheat or slip, you have to START OVER. And, at the end of 30 days, if you want to let it go and go back to your old ways, you can. You give yourself permission to do it for 30 days and you give yourself permission to stop it after 30 days if it isn’t right for you. But, you HAVE to give it the full 30 days to see if it is, or isn’t, right. You are simply practicing the new process, the new habit, the new action, the new way of being. You are looking at how you feel about the process and how you feel about the outcomes. Because, all action has an outcome, doesn’t it? Even the action of trying to stay still and not doing anything has an outcome….of an unfulfilled life.

Next, keep a log or journal of your 30 day trial so you can review it as you go or at the end. Keep it simple. Note the days when things felt hard or difficult. Note the days when things flowed and you felt really good about life. Observe yourself. Hmmm, what caused that? How can I make that easier/better? Be/Do/Have this thing you have always wanted to do and, even if you stumble, you will not regret having tried. You will be amazed how these 30 Day Trials can give you confidence, courage, self esteem, energy, empowerment, control, delight, joy. They can open a small window or door. Or, then can blow the roof off your life and create amazing change. At the end, you can start another 30 Day Trial of the same thing, make the another 30 Day Trial of the same thing in a bigger/better way, or let it go because it wasn’t the right thing for you.

Here are some examples

“Do” a new eating plan you’ve been thinking about trying (big)
“Do” start having a green smoothie every day for breakfast (small)
“Do” a new exercise plan you’ve been thinking about starting (big)
“Do” start walking every night after dinner for 30 minutes (small)
“Do” a new group/club you’ve been thinking about joining (small)
“Do” attend classes/training/participating in some activity you would love to do (big)
“Do” let go of a group/club/person you’ve been thinking about spending less time and energy on
“Do” set a play date with your family/spouse/friend every week same day and time
“Be” _____ every day (fill in the blank with the feeling of your choice…peaceful, bold, confident, playful, light, calm, friendly, helpful, etc)
“Do” start working on your Big Dream. Start research on it. Begin to visualize it, plan it. (big)

I have personally done many 30 Day Trials. Some have had amazing, transformational results. Others were not right for me and allowed me to move on to do other things. These simple 30 Day Trials have helped me see whether a B/Do/Have on my Life List is sustainable, empowering, energizing, confidence boosting, and delightful … or not.

So, try it and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you…

Your Life & Business Get Better when Your Questions Get Better

Often in life and business, when we are stuck, blocked, discouraged, frustrated, in transition, ready to make changes, sick and tired of being sick and tired, etc, we feel like we could really use some easy answers, don’t we? We would love to discover some easy solutions or just get lucky.

I would like to suggest an empowering alternative. I would like to suggest a powerful way of getting unstuck is not to find easy answers, but to find better questions to ask ourselves. To find better questions to open our minds, our hearts, our intuition. To find powerful questions to open us to powerful intuition, powerful decisions, powerful actions and powerful energy.

Our lives get better when our questions get better….

I want to share with you my favorite powerful questions. Read through them. Some questions will do nothing for you. That’s okay. Let them go. Other questions may grab you or make you pause, think, or smile. These are the powerful questions that will help you think big, be bold, step up, shift, change, and transition in your life, your business, your health, and your relationships.

Simply ask your intuition the question. Wait. Listen for the answer or the inclination to make a decision or take an action. Maybe something pops in to your head or maybe is develops slowly. THAT intuitive step is your most powerful place forward. Trust your intuition. Follow it. Believe it. Allow it.

Who do you want to BE?
How would the person I would like to BE do the things I’m about to do?
Am I willing to do whatever it takes to get what I want? If not, why not?
What wisdom have I learned from my life experiences?
What is really great about this problem? List at least 10 items.
What would I really LOVE to do if I knew I could not fail?
Ask your Intuition…Please, give me guidance on _____
Is my life totally successful? If not, what do I need to do, be, or have to feel totally successful?
What do I need to do, be, or have so I have no regrets at the end of my life?
What inspires me?
What energizes me?
What is the next right thing for me to do?
What are my strengths? List 5. How could I utilize these to move forward?
If money were not an issue, I would ….
If time were not an issue, I would ….
What does my ideal day look like?
What does my ideal _____ (relationship, client, partner, coworker, collaborator, friend, business, work environment, health, body, etc) look like?
What do I need or want that I am not currently getting with my finances, relationships, health, environment, work, spiritual journey?
What would LOVE do right now?
What am I really grateful for? List at least 10 things.
What is missing in my life to keep me from being successful?
What is holding me back from change? What if I don’t change? What if I do?!
What if I could have magnificent health?
What if I could have financial freedom?
What if I could have time freedom?
What if I could have location freedom?
What if it works?!
What if I can?!

Choose 1 or 2 or 3 questions that appeal to you. I have used several of these questions over and over in my life and feel they are old friends when I pull them out of my toolbox to use to move me forward when I am stuck. Embrace them. Trust them. Play with them. Have fun with them.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you….

Celebrate Your Milestones

Are you smiling about and celebrating the milestones as you climb your mountain? Or, are you pursing your lips and feeling frustrated by the hardships along the way? Do you see the small, simple, delightful things to make you feel grateful? Or, do you see the huge, complicated, unknown things to make you feel stuck?

I was mentoring someone this week who has just started a new small business. She had hit a stumbling block and was feeling frustrated. She was seeing her journey as a bunch of problems that needed to be solved…just moving from one problem to the next. Okay, that’s kind of what life and business are about on one hand, aren’t they? Putting procedures, practices, learning, knowledge in place to prevent the problems and make them easier to solve when they pop up. But, she had made some really beautiful progress that she forgot to stop and celebrate. We do that, don’t we? Forget to stop, look, and celebrate?

Here’s what she had to celebrate. She had successfully hired 2 perfect staff. She had her first paying client! Most of her business is driven from her automated website and it was working just as she wanted it to work. She had acquired a new investor to help her pay for the development of this complicated website. And, she had some really great clarity about how she was going to expand nationally and internationally. All in the space of 2 weeks since our last meeting….

So we stopped and celebrated. Spoke about each one. Felt the delight in each one. Appreciated each one. Talked about looking back at these simple milestones 1 year and 5 years from now and smiling about them. Talked about how there was nothing wrong with right now. Right now was great, perfect, delicious, playful, exciting, energizing, amazing, wonderful. And, it was.

So, I want to challenge you to take this week to do this. Take time each week to do this. Take time each day, if you need it, to do this. It is a simple shift from “it is all hard work” to “I’ve been really successful and am grateful and delighted with these simple accomplishments and milestones I’ve manifested this week”. Smile. Feel the energy and gratitude. Do a happy dance. Share your excitement with a friend.

Do this for yourself. Practice it. It may be hard to come up with things the first week or two, but don’t walk away until you come up with 5 things….each week. This shift in energy from “hard” to “celebrating the milestones” will attract more things to celebrate. It is simply a shift in perspective. It is simply a shift in to a more empowering, delightful space to live and work.

Try it and let me know how it goes….

The Something Wonderful Perspective

The Universe is sending you opportunities all the time – choices, options, ideas, inspiration, energy, thoughts, intuitions. Yet, they often seem to show up when you don’t think you are ready for them. Are you taking advantage of these? Do you see them as opportunities? Do you see them as choices? Do you see them as messages from the universe to make a change in your life? A change in direction? A step up? A better way? A step towards something you desire? A sign to take action towards living a better life?

Ready for a radical, yet inspirational, way to look at these things?

Embrace a new belief that … I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.

W. Clement Stone, a multimillionaire, is famous for being an inverse paranoid. What is an inverse paranoid? This is someone who believes that the universe is conspiring to do him good. Yes, good. An inverse paranoid sees every situation as being heaven sent either to confer some benefit, or teach some valuable lesson to help make him successful, or show him how to take action, or create an opportunity to make a change. This form of inverse paranoia can be the foundation of a positive mental attitude.

What if the universe was sending you wonderful opportunities to move closer to the things you desire? The things you dream about? The things you want to change in your life?

Start your day, every day, with the affirmation and thought that …. I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today!

Wow, how fun and playful is that? You might have thought this sounded ridiculous, but… what if you had fun expecting something wonderful to happen to you today? Are you smiling already?

Imagine that the universe is sending you signs, messages, inspiration, energy, empowerment every day. Look for them. Make it fun. Look at the little things. Look for the opportunities.

Where do you look for these things?
An idea, word, image that pops in to your head
a conversation
an article that interests you
a phrase that sticks with you from a conversation, book, or article
a chance meeting with someone
a phone call
an email
a show, movie, or TV program that resonates with you
road signs
serendipity of any kind

How do you recognize these things? They
give you a shot of energy
give you a great idea
make you feel good, joyful
make you smile
make you laugh
make you hopeful
give you inspiration
make you feel empowered
make you feel playful
make you think “what if I could….”
make you think of an item on your life bucket list
make you want to take action
show you the beauty in something
take your breath away
make you want to change something in your life
show you another choice, an additional choice, a better choice

Then, what to do with this opportunity? How to take advantage of it?
recognize it as an opportunity, a choice, a gift
reflect on it
trust it came from your intuition
take action on it in some way – make a note, make a list, do some research, make a decision, share it with someone, commit to something, make a small (or big) change

Welcome the opportunities. Welcome the choices. Look for them. And, if you take action one step at a time, you can move towards a life you love. A life that inspires you. Your intuition is never wrong.

Hmmm, I think something wonderful is going to happen to me today.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you.

Growing Old Gorgeously…A Call to Action

Many of us have experienced one or more triggers in our life to remind us we are growing older…perhaps a particular birthday year, a health crisis, the loss of a loved one, an milestone in our child’s life, an empty nest, a divorce, the quest for a new job, some other change in your life circumstances that made you pause and think “Hmmm, where have the years gone? I’m getting older! Yikes!”

What if? What if you could decide how to grow older? What if…rather than growing old gracefully or growing old with diminishing health or growing old miserably you could choose another way? What if you could embrace this part of life with an amazing upbeat attitude? Well, we can do that. It is simply a shift in perspective. A choice to look at this thing called Life with a different attitude. So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m throwing out a challenge. A challenge to change your perspective. A challenge to decide to…

Grow old gorgeously

Sounds pretty cool, huh? So, what does this perspective look like? How do we do this?

Who We Are:

  • Older. We are a group of women and men who have experienced some trigger in our life to make us feel older, 40+ years or older
  • The Call. We feel the call, the desire, the challenge to grow old gorgeously, healthy, strong, energized, empowered.
  • Mindset. Our gorgeousness is a state of mind, a feeling, an attitude, a behavior, a way to be.
    Accept Responsibility. We accept responsibility for our health, our happiness, our lives, our future, our choices, our decisions, our actions.
  • Health. We are in to our physical, mental and spiritual health, fitness, exercise, diet, and well being. We strive to thrive and feel energized.
  • Pleasing ourselves. We choose to please our selves whenever possible. We have pleased others for much of our lives and are now choosing to be/do/have things that please us.
  • Role Models. We are role models for each other and “pay forward” by helping other women and men grow old gorgeously, too.
  • Growth. We understand that growth is required to stay young. We love to grow and are always seeking ways to learn, to grow, to thrive.
  • The Future we are Building Together (Our Mission): To Grow Old Gorgeously

  • Gorgeous healthy bodies.
  • Gorgeous mental health, happiness, delight with our selves, our lives, our relationships.
  • Gorgeous spiritual health, balance, growth.
  • Our Values. We know and live our values.
  • We strive to thrive and feel energized.
  • How we do this (Our Tools):

  • Community. We are a community of like minded women and men who want to feel gorgeous, think gorgeous, be gorgeous, act gorgeous, live gorgeous, love gorgeous.
  • Our Manifesto. This call to action to… Grow Old Gorgeously.
  • Communication. We communicate with each other regularly one-on-one, via the internet, and in groups. We communicate in the groups we have chosen to participate in to help us grow old gorgeously…gyms, yoga studios, parks, classrooms, spiritual places, clubs, coffee shops, etc.
  • Courage. We have tons of courage. We accept responsibility for making our own future gorgeous.
  • Role models. We act as role models for each other in how to grow old gorgeously. How to be, do, and have gorgeousness.
  • Exercise. We exercise regularly…there is no one right exercise for all of us, the right exercise is the one we love to do. Exercise is a key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Diet. We are conscious and aware of our diet. We understand that food is our medicine and is a key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. There is no one right diet for all of us, the right diet is the one that makes us feel good, energized, healthy.
  • Inspiration. We love to share inspirational stories, anecdotes, successes, pictures with each other on how to grow old gorgeously.
  • Support. We support each other with practical advice, tips, insights, and wisdom on growing old gorgeously.
  • Celebrate. We celebrate our gorgeousness, our health, our happiness, our growth, our independence, our strength, our courage, our wisdom.
  • How does that sound? Ready to give it a try? I’ve started and am finding it amazing how I’ve attracted many others in to my life who are feeling this same call to action. When we surround ourselves with like minded people, our goals and efforts become much easier, much more fun, much bigger.

    Try it and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you….